The Erie Maritime Museum
Erie, Pennsylvania

For this state museum, Steve Germann worked with director and staff to create a strategic plan under tightly constrained budgets predicted for the coming years. The recommendation was to launch the Erie Maritime Heritage Initiative, which would focus and engage the community in preserving and celebrating its unique history, but not incur high capital or labor costs.

“The Erie Maritime Museum and its support group, the Flagship Niagara League, operate a unique combination of a War of 1812 sailing ship used as a sailing school vessel, based at a maritime museum, owned by the state, sharing county property, and with the help of a private non profit operating a ship on long voyages.  We engaged Steve Germann for our most recent five year Strategic Plan.  Steve Germann brings such breadth of experience in the museum field that for nearly every scenario suggested he knows of concrete examples that did or did not work.  With tales both inspirational and cautionary, he was able to guide us to a plan that was tailored to the specific circumstances, with achievable goals.  Steve is passionate and articulate about the value of museums, yet practical and down to earth in working out what is possible.  A pleasure to work with and someone I still call now and then to find perspectives not readily available elsewhere.”

Walter P. Rybka
Administrator of Erie Maritime Museum and Senior Captain of the US Brig Niagara