While we specialize in history museums, and work primarily in the Midwest, we have worked with a variety of institutions across the United States.

We invite any and all organizations striving for high quality museum or museum-like functions or activities to contact us. We seek to serve small museums, start-up organizations thinking of establishing a museum, and non-museum clients who wish to plan and build an exhibit as part of a building renovation or public relations effort.

For larger and more established museums, we feel that we have particular skills in working with museum staff. Our intent is to work not as distant and aloof experts and tell you what to do, but to work as partners with board, administration and staff.  All of us have been staff members at one time, so we are sensitive to the wants and needs of those doing the everyday work of the institution. Germann & Associates can supply expertise developed over decades of experience in the field and specialized skills that may not be regularly available because of budget constraints. We can also perform work that the museum staff are fully capable of, but are unable to do because of the press of everyday work duties.

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Exhibit and Program Development

Interpretive Planning

Facility and Operations Planning

Strategic Planning